I had a visit recently, out of the blue, by a Scottish lady and her adult daughter who had purchased a copy of ‘Bilby’ while visiting the South West.

They found me by way of word of mouth, I live in a small town (read security risk if I ever become hugely famous!) and called into the farm to get their book signed by the author.

I’d just been running around chasing a rogue guinea fowl who had woken me at 5.30am by jumping onto the tin roof and declaring itself king of the world with raucous glee and I must admit, I did have murderous intent!

So, looking like something out of Deliverance and probably bearing the same mind-set, I wasn’t prepared to be asked to sign a book.

Never-the-less I was hugely thrilled that an adult someone had taken the trouble to find me and that my book was heading overseas. I’d only ever signed books for children before – so this was something!

I wiped the grime from my hands, grasped the pen, dutifully inscribed the book to the names suggested and thanked the pair very much for the visit.

“Not at all,” they said in their heavy brogues as they headed for their 4WD “but you might want to start moisturising your hands”.

I shook my head as they drove off, unsure of whether to be offended or not (luckily I had put the axe down for the signing) and I’ve decided to consider this signing like a fantastic Chinese meal; a little bit of sweet and sour to help make the dish memorable.

It’s something I doubt I will ever forget. And yes, I’ve started moisturising my hands.