If you were a fan of Trixie Belden, Harriet the Spy, Nancy Drew, the famous five or secret seven – this is the book for your children

Cassie’s Coven – The Case of the Six-Legged Frog

If you were a fan of Trixie Belden, Harriet the Spy, Nancy Drew, the famous five or secret seven – this is the book for your children.

When 10-year-old Cassie Delaware finds an old spell book and her best friend, Lolly, finds a six-legged frog they have no idea they are about to enter a magical world. Joining forces with two unlikely allies they must solve a mystery that has the potential to destroy their small town.’

The Cassie’s Coven series is based around four young Australian girls who discover that they have been left a magical heritage from their great-great grandmothers to become witches.

They find out over the series that they are each a special kind of witch; black, white, green and yellow – each with their own powers and all aimed at protecting the natural world.

Each mystery they solve revolves around some kind of environmental issue which has the potential to wreak havoc on their small town.

The first book introduces the characters, has them find a magical book, meet their familiars and solve their first mystery.
As the series goes on they become more proficient in their powers, find out the background of their town and their ancestors and solve mystery after mystery.

Cassie's Coven by Helen Allan

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Adventures and Challenges

A group of 10 year old girls discover their skills at friendship, protecting the environment, and a hint of magic.

Together they have adventures, face challenges, and learn about diversity.

This initial book in the trilogy tells more about how it all came together. Each book in the trilogy gives enough background for any of them to be a standalone.

If you like stories about strong female characters, counting on your friends, and how our differences can bring us together instead of apart, this could be a great read for you or anyone in your household.

– Molly G. Hamblin

A delightful surprise.

I found this to be an interesting little story about four 10-year-old girls discovering friendship and the possibilities of magic. They also solve a crime and rescue animals. The adults are pretty interesting with how they respond to their children. This is a good book for all ages.

– Texas

This story is about four 10 year old girls who become friends.

Cassie finds a book of magic while rummaging in a secondhand shop. Later she finds a baby fox that she thinks is her familiar. She gradually creates a group of four school friend as her coven. Each member finds their own familiars including a six legged frog. Cassie and Lolly find the frog after falling in the local water source and later being rushed to hospital with poisoning. This brings out their interest to find out why he has six legs and what made them ill. They pull into the group Pia a tom boy and Charlotte who likes to do things right. They look for the source of the contamination At the same time Pia’s grandmother shows the an old shack on her property and suggest they do it up a bit and use it as a club house for the coven. This book is a good length for a younger mind with action and adventure of the outdoor kind that many children lack. I found it an amusing read and it brings back memories of childhood adventures. This is the first in the series so the adventures go on.

– M Sneyd

A great read for everyone!

Wonderful writing showing how two close friends become friends with two other schoolmates that one would never expect. A wonderful start to adventures of friendship, mystery, and magic?

– Pewterdragon78

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