If you were a fan of Trixie Belden, Harriet the Spy, Nancy Drew, the famous five or secret seven – this is the series for your children

The Familiars

When four special animals meet four little witches the magic begins. Take a journey into the lives of the familiars before they met their new mystical family. four touching short stories. A Cassie’s Coven prequel.

Cassie's Coven by Helen Allan



Wonderful for all ages

The Cassie’s Coven series is full of fun, growth, suspense and mystery. The main characters are four young girls learning about life and being witches. Even their familiars are entertaining. Perfect for all ages since these stories are not simplistic nor silly, just entertaining.

The Familiars – A quickly read book containing four short stories about the girls’ familiars, which tell of how the familiars knew their of destinies and lives before being found by their witches. It has a preview, which I like knowing about a book. A copy can be found in Cassie’s Coven #4.

Cassie’s Coven #1 – A delightful surprise. I found this to be an interesting little story about four 10-year-old girls discovering friendship and the possibilities of magic. They also solve a crime and rescue animals. The adults are pretty interesting with how they respond to their children. This is a good book for all ages.

Cassie’s Coven #2 – The Grimoire has a sense of humor and it’s a problem solver; a role model/parent actually. It has rules that must be followed or pay the consequences.

Yes, CC2 is a children’s book, but it is so interesting and fun. The girls are fun, inquisitive characters and their parents, Pia’s great-granny and the other support characters are perfect for their roles. The girls can be silly, too; they’re ten, it’s allowed. Pia’s great-gran spills the beans on the history of Witchborough — I’m sorry for the spoiler. If you remember Nancy and all the Hollister kids, you’ll love these four lil girls with their touch of magic.

– Texas

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