An Ancient Power – a forbidden love

Gypsy Blood

The Future Looks Bloody (The Gypsy Blood Series Book 3)

An Ancient Power – a forbidden love.

Succumbing to his need, Freely agrees to re-join the battle alongside the Blood Prince, Zan, as his gypsy.

Now more powerful than ever, they hunt and destroy the vampires that would enslave humanity.

But a deadly foe will soon catch up with her, and another, greater threat is on the horizon as her life is turned upside down by the bloody events once foretold in the tarot cards.

As she struggles with her heart, and for her life, Freely must determine who she will turn to; The man who offers her his body, the man who offers his heart or the one who would give his life for her.

Bilby by Helen Allan

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Gypsy Blood #3 – The Future Looks Bloody | 5 out of 5 Stars

Wow, this is the best of the trio. Full, non-stop action and intrigue, complete with plenty of sexual tension. The characters keep getting better and more evolved as each book carries to the end of the trilogy. The intriguing storyline make it hard to put the book, or the other ones either, down for even a moment. There are dark periods as the book unfolds, causing twists and turns, and things happen unexpectedly. This is one of my favorite sets of books in this genre. I contacted Ms. Allen to review her books. 5*

– Texas

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