He came from the sea, unasked for, unexpected –
but not for the first time.

The Sea Tips

When a naked man washes ashore in a small village on an isolated coast he and a small boy will set off a chain of events that will change the lives of the superstitious and ignorant fisher folk who live there forever – but for some it will be too late.

Available in Kindle or Paperback

The Sea Tips by Helen Allan



What a story!

The emotions this tale brings out. A well written, sad but heartwarming story with a twisting plot and diverse characters. This little story reminded me of Big Fish and the Bible to name a few items. This is the second story I’ve read by the author and I look forward to reading more of her work.

– Texas

There is something ethereal about H. Allan’s beautiful novella The Sea Tips.

I’ve never read anything quite like it but at the same time, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was reading a parable from the New Testament, always the most meaningful and resonant of biblical verses for me. The carefully crafted story has shades of fantasy, myth and legend, interwoven with its moral compass, making an intriguing experience for the well-read.

For though it comes across like a simple, children’s tale in some respects, The Sea Tips is heavily-laden with meaning, as with most fairy tales, which explore the darker side of human behaviour. Through the majestic portrayal of the innocent and magical Billy-boy, Allan creates a prophet-like character whose goodness is not appreciated by his fellow man until it is almost too late. And despite the terms I have used to describe it, this is not an overtly religious tale but it does show that kindness, charity and love are gifts and should be able to unite men of all creeds and races, rather than be taken for granted and cast aside in the midst of more human concerns.

Allan is a beautiful writer and though her book titles reveal very little of what to expect, her work is always worth the reader’s while. She is a master in observation of human character and the motivations that bind us, across all spectrums. And Allan still likes to believe that good can triumph over evil. A positive and welcome message for us all.

– Brydie W

It holds a lesson we all can learn.

Billy Boy, the young hero in The Sea Tips captured my heart. Love, heartbreak and an unexpected surprise ending that wrings the soul. Straight from the ?. Well done and well written. One of the best reads I’ve come across. Loved it and highly recommend it.

– Victoria Palmer

Unique wonderful tale

After having read as much as one paragraph I knew I was in for a treat. As a child I loved all fairy tales but this one is probably the most enchanting I’ve come across. This masterfully crafted little pearl will leave you deeply in thought and wanting to experience more of Helen Allan’s work.

– Barbara K

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