Current Projects

Current Projects

Update May 2018

Well so far it has been a busy and productive 2018 and there is plenty more to come. I published a prequel to my Cassie’s Coven series for girls called The Familiars and the fourth in the series Cassie’s Coven the Abalone Ring Mystery.

I also published a new fantasy romance trilogy ‘Gypsy Blood’ which is proving to be very popular.

I’m currently working on two new trilogies, dividing my time between the Scarab spin-off and a new vampire trilogy – so much fun to write!

Hopefully, three new books will be out in the world by July.

Update February 2018

With the successful launch of the ‘Scarab’ series I am now busy working on a range of projects, the chief being a spin-off series of three books following Sorrow’s life, the first ‘Sorrow’s Sin’ I expect to have published April.

In addition, I plan to put out a prequel to the Cassie’s Coven fantasy series for children ‘The Familiar’s’ and number four in that series, ‘The Abalone Ring Mystery.’

Busy 2018 coming up.

Update October 2017

I am currently writing the second and third in the Scarab Trilogy in expectation of a pre-Christmas release.

I have received the second cover from the artist Mario Wibisono, and I continue to love his work!

I have also just finished a prequel to the Cassie’s Coven series called The Familiars, which I expect to release shortly and I am writing the fourth Cassie’s Coven mystery ‘The Abalone Ring Mystery’ which, all things going to plan, should be released also before Xmas along with a boxed set of the series.

Update 24th May 2017

I am currently writing the second in the Scarab Trilogy and having the cover made up as we speak.

I have decided to launch all the books concurrently and that way people who love to binge read on series – like me – can consume the whole set at once.

The launch will likely coincide with the launch of another series ‘Cassie’s Coven’ which is a series of mysteries and adventures for girls 9-12. The first is complete, the second being edited and I will likely launch the first two together with number 1 as a giveaway.

In the mean time, I am also writing a range of short stories, when the mood takes me, for adults – contemporary women’s fiction mostly with a dark edge. Keep your eye out for them as I usually give them to my mailing list FREE for the first month and then launch them on Amazon.

Update May 2017

I am currently working with an illustrator for the final cover of ‘Scarab – Falling Through Time’ the first in a fantasy trilogy for 15-19 year-olds. Once finalised the book should be on the shelves by the end of March.

The launch will coincide with the launch of another book ‘Cassie’s Coven’ an adventure story for girls 9-12. This is the first in a series and I am very excited to see it also on the shelves very soon.

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