Always and forever the Gods had guarded the universe

Gods of Time

Using their time travelling technology and vast intelligence they kept the peace.

They were benevolent and kind, unselfish and noble, trusted to ensure the planets and all their numerous species were protected.

Until one day they weren’t, and they didn’t.

Note to readers: This novella is a companion book to the ‘Sorrow’ series and gives a deeper understanding of the background of the Aliens who Sorrow fights in the battles for the 12 planets.

The Sorrow series can be read as a stand-alone series, or as a spin-off from the Scarab series.

Scarab by Helen Allan

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The Gods of Time (5 out of 5 Stars)

I read this novella before I read Sorrow’s Sin, the first book of the Sorrow Series. In a way, I think it made more sense when I was reading Sorrow’s Sin, but the author was clear about many things, that maybe her order of reading Sorrow first was the best route of reading. Interesting storylines with a good blend of fantasy, urban fiction and science fiction. Ms. Allan has taken a worn subject and made the pieces into an original story. That’s what’s so great about her writing. You think you’ll get the same old, same old, but find you have twists and turns and developments not seen in other books. Of course, her variety of characters, the range of emotions and the vivid descriptions leave clear images of everything that happens. If I say anymore, I’ll end up doing spoilers, which I hate book reports when they should be book reviews. 5*

– Texas

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