Twelve enslaved planets – one woman to free them all

Sorrow’s Sin

Hunted and reeling from the destruction of one she loved, Sorrow must find refuge amid the human survivors of a planet in turmoil.

Taking shelter in the fortress her mother once built, Sorrow hides from the Sin who prey upon humans for their flesh and those Earthborn that seek her death.

Seeking to create peace between the species she resolves to take control of the time gates, to enable the enslaved humans to return to Earth and break the power of the Earthborn.

But a new enemy is coming, one none of them anticipated.

Note to readers: The Sorrow series is a spin-off series from the time travel romance series ‘Scarab’ although this new series can be read as a standalone, for a deeper understanding of Sorrow’s conception and past, check out the Scarab series.

Scarab by Helen Allan

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Sorrow Series (5 out of 5 Stars)

While NOT necessary, I recommend reading the Scarab Series before reading the Sorrow Series. Ms. Allan is so entertaining, that reading everything just gives more meaning and depth to all the books since the foundations, the characters and the storylines start developing from the first book.

Sorrow’s Sin #1- This is better than Scarab, which is an excellent series by the way. Fast paced, action packed with interesting, well thought out storylines that keeps the reader immersed in the pages. The vivid descriptions and the imagination of the author keeps adding to the depth of the story. The characters, some known from the Scarab series, run the gamut of personalities and emotions. There are some really nasty folk residing in these pages. There are bits and pieces of real history well blended with fantasy, urban fiction and science fiction. While the story is complete, there is the introduction to the next book, which does leave the reader wanting to know what happens next. I contacted the author to review her books. 5*

– Texas

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