Sir Bors’ Belle

Vampire Knights

The Vampire Knights Series Book 4 – Sir Bors’ Belle

She came from the past, and to the past, she must return.

From warming the bed of a Persian king to raiding Roman villas with Pict pirates – Belle will traverse the ancient lands in search of the sword the Vampire Knights need if they are to defeat the evil Sorceress Morgan.

Wandering faithless and alone, she stumbles from the harems of Jerusalem to the oak forests of the Scottish dryads in her search, along the way, meeting someone who will change her destiny.

Will a Persian barbarian help her find the relics she seeks? Will he lay claim to a part of her lost, all those centuries ago, when, as a child, she was ceded to the Oracle of Delphi?

And what of the knight who has waited for her for more than 1000 years?

Don’t miss this, the final in the Vampire Knights Series, and one that will leave you gasping!

Bilby by Helen Allan

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