Lancelot’s Lilly

Vampire Knights

The Vampire Knights Series Book 1 – Lancelot’s Lilly

I want to lean in, to bury my face in his chest and never come out. I want to breathe deeply of his scent and leave tear stains on his shirt.

“I’m lonely.”

“That will pass,” he says gently, “what you are means loneliness, but as the years go by, you will come to welcome it.”

“But why did you save me? If you mean to leave me all alone?” I sob, tears spilling down my cheeks.

“I told you,” he says, his dark eyes unreadable; “I don’t know.”

From modern life to medieval England, Lilly will journey across time in pursuit of the knight who stole her life, her memories and her heart.

From the jousting fields to the castle bedroom, Lilly searches for the answers to the sadness that lies at the centre of the life of Lancelot.

Can she solve the mystery surrounding his turning without becoming victim to the magic and dark arts of the women who took his life?

Will he thank her for returning the memories that were once stolen from him?

Or will she face the ultimate death in the quest for something that was never meant to be?

Bilby by Helen Allan

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